Client Services

You Are Not Alone, We're in this Together

Beanstalk supply chain experts provide custom service & contract management by serving as an extension to your purchasing department.  Our unique service model partners you with a supply chain expert to ensure you make the most of your Beanstalk membership by maximizing contract utilization and achieving your ultimate saving goals.

Partner with Beanstalk Supply Chain Experts to:

  • Identify Saving Opportunities. 
  • Handle price activation, aggregation & contract management. 
  • Renew pricing agreements seamlessly. 
  • Monitor and ensure accurate pricing tiers. 
  • Identify ongoing saving opportunities, contract usage and conversion opportunities. 
  • More! 

We're here to ensure your success:

Ongoing Customer Care

We are not a “sign-up and forget” organization.  Our knowledgeable and supportive community is here to ensure you are maximizing your membership with us.  We are in all of this together.  

Supportive Community

Get access to an amazing community. You’ll be able to connect with other members, supply chain experts and suppliers for support, advice and feedback. 

Complimentary Savings Analysis

We’ll review your current spend, identify categories to target, and conduct a full savings analysis with our suppliers at no cost to you. 

We Make Sure You're Always Saving

Our dedicated auditing team tracks pricing accuracy, contract compliance, and vendor eligibility.